Wellness Hub for Shelters

The Wellness Hub for Shelters program is led in partnership between the Knowledge Translation Program at St. Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health Toronto and the Population Health Team of Inner City Health Associates (ICHA). The initiative is supported by Healthcare Excellence Canada along with Wellness Hub’s additional project partners. The Wellness Hub for Shelters program is focused on supporting emergency shelter settings and has two main objectives:

  1. To tailor the Wellness Hub Program (currently being delivered in long-term care homes and retirement homes) for the emergency shelter setting, to support congregate living settings with needs surrounding staff IPAC practices, staff vaccine uptake and confidence, and staff wellness.
  2. To monitor and evaluate the Wellness Hub for Shelters program to understand what resources and supports are most useful to congregate settings both during and beyond the pandemic, and how these can be implemented effectively and sustainably to create safe communities.

If your shelter is participating in the Wellness Hub for Shelters program and you are interested in swish and gargle saliva testing, you can complete the online request form here to request that a testing kit be couriered to your personal home.