IPAC+ Resources

The IPAC+ Research Study has two main objectives:

  1. Implement and evaluate the impact of IPAC+, a tailored infection prevention and wellness intervention developed to support the most pressing IPAC-related needs of LTCHs, which includes:
    • Rapid onsite saliva testing for symptomatic staff and their household members,
    • Wastewater surveillance to determine COVID-19 outbreak status,
    • In-person or virtual IPAC facilitation,
    • Online resources, and more.
  2. Better understand the prevalence of COVID-19 infection, as well as factors (e.g., demographic, immune response, LTCH-level) associated with previous infection and/or with prevention of future infection.

Long-term care homes (LTCH), staff, staff household members, residents, and resident family members in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa/Champlain, Hamilton, and surrounding regions can all participate in the IPAC+ research study program.