The IPAC+ branch within the Wellness Hub is focused on:

  1. providing resources and supports to address the pressing infection prevention and control (IPAC) challenges and needs in congregate living centers, and
  2. better understanding the factors associated with COVID-19 infection, in order to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases in these settings and effectively manage outbreaks.

The IPAC+ Resource Repository, housed on the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto website, is a library of resources that can be used to support the implementation of IPAC best practices outlined in Public Health Ontario (PHI)’s IPAC checklist for long-term care facilities and retirement homes. Find over 250 helpful resources grounded in Public Health Ontario’s 15 IPAC domains here: https://www.rgptoronto.ca/resources/ipac/

The IPAC+ Self-Assessment tool is an online fillable version of the Public Health Ontario IPAC checklist. The Self-Assessment tool will auto-generate a report summarizing any gaps in your long term care or retirement home’s current IPAC practices to guide where your center may want to focus your IPAC efforts. The report will also direct you to tailored tools and resources from the IPAC+ Repository that can be leveraged to address these gaps in order to decrease the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Find the checklist here: https://ipac.knowledgetranslation.ca/