Government Guidance during Self-Isolation

Information on various guidelines and available supports from the federal and provincial government on managing self-isolation in Canada. Learn more about what COVID-19 related financial aids are available, job-protected leave for those that must enter self-isolation, housing help and more.

General Resources on Self-Isolation

Resources to help you navigate self-isolation if you may have been exposed to COVID-19 or
have tested COVID-19 positive. Learn what self-isolation entails, how to stop the spread of the
virus, how to notify close contacts, what to do if you believe you have been exposed to the
virus, and more.

Self-Isolation in a Shared Home

Helpful guidelines on navigating self-isolation in a home shared with others with or without COVID-19. Find best practices for preventing COVID-19 spread in the home including how to social distance withhousehold members, disinfecting your home, cleaning laundry, and more.

Food and Grocery Delivery in Self-Isolation

A curated list of food options and delivery services for those in self-isolation that are unable to leave their home to pick up groceries and meals. Find information about restaurants in your area offering delivery services, grocery delivery, food banks and other food assistance, and more.

Mental Health During Self-Isolation

Accessible mental health supports for anyone affected by COVID-19 related stress, anxiety, and depression. Learn about affordable resources for therapy, supports dedicated for frontline workers burdened by the impacts of COVID-19, and resilience training for healthcare workers during COVID-19.

Pregnancy or Parenting During Self-Isolation

Resources for those pregnant and parenting during COVID-19. Helpful advice on caring for an infant and breastfeeding if you have tested positive for COVID-19, talking to your children about social distancing and self-isolation, and government administered financial support for child care.